Interview With Haru Yatsu

Everyone give a warm welcome to 19 year old Donovan Campbell or better known as Haru Yatsu. Coming out of New york and San diego with the song “Stay at featuring 88glam” releasing soon.

How’d you get the stage name Haru Yatsu?

“I got the stage name Haru Yatsu through my love of Avatar The Last Airbender and now anime. When I started to look for a rapper name I looked up Japanese baby names and one said born in the winter, I was born in April so I looked for born in the spring. …

Interview With Nixon Counts

Welcome Nixon Counts is a producer and rapper from Florida.

Is Nixon counts your real name or did you come up with it ? If so what made you choose this as your name to go by?

“My family is from Haiti and growing up they always called me Little President Nixon so that’s where I got my name from. It’s my real name translated into English from French meaning Nixon “The Count”.”

What was it like growing up in Florida?

“It’s a melting pot of fuckery that I love, Growing up in Florida (Broward County)…

Interview With ISIAN

Everyone give a warm welcome to 21 year old upcoming artist Ian Culton better known as ISIAN. Coming out of Weatland , Michigan with hottest song “Vibe all Year”.

How’d you get the stage name ISIAN?

“I wanted my stage name to be something close to my actual given name, without it being corny. So I thought for a few months and came up with ISIAN. It’s like saying “It’s Ian” but with out the “t”, because I don’t deal with drama. I just be vibing.”

Did you have any other stage names beforehand?

“Not really. I…

Interview with Tristen Davies

What was the inspiration behind the EP?

“The inspiration of human was a follow up to. I AM. If you put it together meaning “I am human”. Meaning I am just a human being with human experiences expressing them in the best way I know how.”

What is your creative process like?

“I try to record multiple songs and cut them out as time goes on. I wanted human to be a 15 song album but I choose the 6 I like the most and dropped it.”

Is there any hidden meanings in your latest tracks…

Interview With LimRick

Let’s welcome 22 year old upcoming music artist LimRick. A Toronto new music artist who’s been coming up in the music scene as of recently.

How’d you get the stage name LimRick?

“I love this question haha the name LimRick is actually a funny story, when I was just starting out in music and I was purely messing around, free-styling at parties and little get togethers with my friends at the time, everyone called me “Lit-Rick” because I was always hyped up and emotional when rapping. When I was discussing possibility of becoming an artist and my…

Interview With ParkonRodeo

Welcome this upcoming duo from Canada. They’ve recently released a new EP titled ParkonRodeo.

What’s it like being a duo?

Being a duo allows us to share our ideas and be more creative in the music writing and producing process. The two of us grew up together so we can definitely trust each other, which lifts a lot of weight off our shoulders and makes the experience just that much better.

Are there any challenges being in a duo ?

Sometimes we don’t necessarily have the same vision for certain songs or beats, which can be somewhat…

Interview With Cody French

Everyone give a warm welcome to Cody French a 22 year old skater from Toronto, Canada. A skater who has been making a name for himself as of recently.

Who are your main influence as a skater?

“My main influencer as a skater.. damn that’s a tough one, I’d say honestly just the local Toronto skaters like TJ Rogers, Jon Cos and Wade D.”

How did you get into skating ?

“I got into skating from playing a high level of lacrosse, going to the arena and seeing the skateparks outside! I always thought it was…

Interview With Domo

Everyone give a warm welcome to 18 year old upcoming artist domo montoya santacruz are better known as Domo. Coming out of Surprise , Arizona with his latest hit “ Atom Bombs.

How’d you get the stage name “domo”?

“it’s kinda dumb but i like the little beer character domo, and i was like hmm well my names dom. sooo domo!!!”

Did you have any other stage names beforehand? if so, what?

“nope this would be my first”

What was it like growing up in surprise, Arizona?

“it’s hot, a lot of people which is good cause…

Interview With KennyDoubleg

Everyone give a warm welcome to Richard Samaniego are better known as Kennydoubleg from Hailey, Idaho has been going attention with his song “Lou”.

How’d you get the stage name “Kennydoubleg”?

“I remember getting the name Kennydoubleg back when I was in 5th-6th grade. I remember being in Cali visiting my family, which mainly lives there. I was barely getting into rap and was listening to alot of Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg. I remember him always saying don’t forget his name Snoop D-o-DoubleG. I remember that went so hard I was amazed and tried to make…

Everyone give a warm welcome to Roberto Joseph Ramirez better known as Ruezy. A 20 year old upcoming artist from Salem, Oregon with biggest song being Cookies n Cream

How’d you get the stage name “Ruezy”?

“It was a mixture between the word “uzi” and my old rap name “ruebare”. I also added the y at the end because it seemed slick to me and its silent. I was thinking of Ruezi at first but it seemed weird to me. I wanted to be different so I added a silent Y at thee end.”

Did you have any other stage…


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