2 min readFeb 26, 2021


Interview With Cody French

Everyone give a warm welcome to Cody French a 22 year old skater from Toronto, Canada. A skater who has been making a name for himself as of recently.

Who are your main influence as a skater?

“My main influencer as a skater.. damn that’s a tough one, I’d say honestly just the local Toronto skaters like TJ Rogers, Jon Cos and Wade D.”

How did you get into skating ?

“I got into skating from playing a high level of lacrosse, going to the arena and seeing the skateparks outside! I always thought it was cool! My bestfriend who sadly passed away gave me my first skateboard as a birthday gift, I started riding around my street then eventually took it to the skatepark. RIP Kristie-Lee.”

What was it like growing up in Toronto , Canada?

“Growing up in canada is iffy that’s for sure! ITS FREEZING, I hate the cold and I don’t like winter driving but besides all that it was cool, having a large close friend group to always have by my side kept me going! Outside pond hockey is what helped me through our cold winters!”

What are your favorite shoes for skating?

“My favourite skate shoes are defiantly the DC Kails Vulc shoe. It fits perfect on my feet, they are so comfy and amazing for flicking! Defiantly my number 1 favourite.”

What is the first and most difficult trick to learn?

“All of them honestly, I would say mastering your basic tricks is the hardest, starting from scratch building that muscle memory takes a lot of time and practice! Once you get the basics down tho and comfortable on the board tricks just get scarier so in conclusion they are all hard lol.”

Where is your favorite place to skate?

“My favourite place to skate is 110% California, I’m there for 8/12 months of the year skating! The warm weather everyday with no rain just pure sun is the best feeling while cruising on your board!”

What are your goals for 2021?

“2021 Goals for myself is to continue staying healthy on and off the board, train everyday at the gym, boxing and skateparks, also want to read more books honestly and continue learning more of the business side of life.”