Interview With ISIAN

Everyone give a warm welcome to 21 year old upcoming artist Ian Culton better known as ISIAN. Coming out of Weatland , Michigan with hottest song “Vibe all Year”.

How’d you get the stage name ISIAN?

“I wanted my stage name to be something close to my actual given name, without it being corny. So I thought for a few months and came up with ISIAN. It’s like saying “It’s Ian” but with out the “t”, because I don’t deal with drama. I just be vibing.”

Did you have any other stage names beforehand?

“Not really. I released one song under the alias “ICEE” on Spotify but I wasn’t super happy with it. I also produced a few tracks for my friends under that name.”

What was it like growing up in Westland, Michigan?

“Pretty average, there’s a decent music scene though. I spent most of my time hanging out with friends when I was younger and just being your normal kid. We can get lots of snow in the winter. Often times in Michigan you don’t see the sun for a couple months. This can cause a lot of people, including myself, to be a little down during the winter season.”

Did growing up here influence your style?

“I would say that where your born always influences your style in some way. Since I didn’t live directly in Detroit and went to a predominantly white school I didn’t listen to a lot of rap growing up, it became more of an interest as I grew older. I liked Ed Sheeran and XXX a lot growing up so I feel like that influenced my style as well. I like to sing and guitar melodies but I also like hard hitting 808s so I like to blend the two styles.”

What was it like writing “Vibe all Year”?

“It was a smooth process. I had made the beat that day and there was just something about it. I kept playing it over in over in my studio and thought “I have to write to this!” So I grabbed my phone, went on Instagram live and started writing. A couple of my friends hopped in and told me that they vibed with the beat so that only encouraged me to write more. My Dad told me “Write what’s on your mind Son!” And during this time I was thinking of how tired I was of the quarantine we were going through , and how much I wanted to hangout with my girlfriend. I ended up writing the song in like 35 minutes and that was that.”

Would you consider this one of your favorite songs you’ve put out?

“I would definitely consider this to be one of my favorites but not THE favorite. I enjoyed writing this song and I felt like it was a breakthrough point for me, but I can only get better the more music I put out. I have another song out rn on my SoundCloud called “Blunt in the Sky” that I feel like is my all time favorite at the moment! (You guys should check it out!)”

What are your goals for 2021?

“MY GOAL IS TO BLOW UP AND ACT LIKE I DONT KNOW NOBODY! But on a serious note, I want to make aggressive moves towards my future. I want to get a couple big artist features for some of my songs and I also want to sell a beat to some well know artists as well. But my main focus is finishing up my Ep that will be coming out soon!”



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