Interview With KennyDoubleg

Everyone give a warm welcome to Richard Samaniego are better known as Kennydoubleg from Hailey, Idaho has been going attention with his song “Lou”.

How’d you get the stage name “Kennydoubleg”?

“I remember getting the name Kennydoubleg back when I was in 5th-6th grade. I remember being in Cali visiting my family, which mainly lives there. I was barely getting into rap and was listening to alot of Lil Wayne and Snoop Dogg. I remember him always saying don’t forget his name Snoop D-o-DoubleG. I remember that went so hard I was amazed and tried to make a name kinda like his but instead of doubleg I took the dogg part but nothing would roll off the tongue. Then I took the name of one of my favorite cartoon characters, Kenny from southpark, and used that with doubleg and that’s how it started.”

Did you have any other stage names beforehand? if so, what?

“ I’ve never had any other stage name besides this. People here in my school got used to calling me Kennydoubleg”

What was it like growing up in Hailey, Idaho?

“ Growing up here is kinda depressing from my standpoint. It’s a very small mountain/tourist town that has a lot of rich people living up north. Since the town is pretty small compared to a bigger city, pretty much there’s nothing to do and everybody knows each other. This should be a good concept for a very small town but since we live near sum stereotypical rich people, a lot of the community has taken this egotistical persona. At least for the youth its very sad. Kids are very judgy and try to put you into this standard and try to devalue you. Like it’s basically what a normal high school is but times 10. Since its a small town and there’s nothing to do and the kids are posing themselves with this party mentality. I understand a very nice party every weekend, shit I would be hypocrite if I said I was that one speicla Mother fucker but I aint but some kids are drinking everyday like there is no moderation. Understand were young and shit but there gotta be a limit because once they get into the real world and havet make a living for themselves they won’t know.”

Did growing up here influence your style in anyway?

“It Kinda did, I fell into a deep depression with other circumstances too with my family but instead of going to a therapist I started writing music as a way to cope. Once I started learning how to produce it was over. You could here in a lot of my songs, even in my turn up ones, I talk about what goes on in my mind and the sadness I sometimes feel. But I also show the hunger I have to make it big.”

What was it like writing your song “Lou”?

“Lou was a very funny but humbling moment. I was on my Rnb vibes shit and just started listening to a lot of Rnb, J cole and Logic. I started working on music trying to make a Rnb style vibe and started downloading samples and shit. I found this Jon B sample but the tempo was not what I was looking for. I started manipulating the sample and started adding drums bass to the beat and made the beat for Lou. It was funny cause I thought it was gonna be hated for how simple the beat was. The most complex part about it was the bass when you hear the slides. But then I started writing lyrics. I started of by paying homage to Logic from his song “Young Jedi” with the Lines “Back again, like I never left” then went off from there with my own lyrics and flows. I then decided to keep the song for a while because I honestly didn’t end up liking the song. One day I was chilling with my homies and just decided to post. They lsitened to it thought it was hard as fuck. Then outta nowhere I see a shit ton more people promoting the song. I did something I always wanted to do, make a good, replayable, song. Almost a year later and it reached 1k streams, my first 1,000 streams. I’ve reached 4k views and 2k plays on my Youtube and Soundcloud respectively, but streams is a whole different ball game.”

Did any artist influence your style? if so, who?

“Quite a few honestly, My number influence for rap is Kendrick Lamar. The mans the goat. Music in general would be Michael Jackson. He got me into music all the way back when I was a little kid. But my other influences would be Travis Scott, Tech N9ne, Snoop Dogg, J Cole, Tyler the Creator, Childish Gambino, Mac Miller, The Weeknd and Asap Rocky.”

What are your goals for 2021?

“My Goals for 2021 would be to be more consistent and hopefully get more listeners and fans into my music. If anyone is reading follow me on the Gram, and on your favorite streaming platform. Subscribe to the youtube as well. I got some more dope shit coming yall way.”



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