Interview With Mikeylotheweirdo

Everyone give a warm welcome to Mikeylotheweirdo! A 22 year old upcoming artist originally from Warren, Ohio. With biggest song being Psalm 28 Steak.

How’d you get the stage name mikeylotheweirdo?

“It’s just an accumulation of my real name Micheal Logan to Mikeylo then I was always called a weirdo growing up. In every friend group everyone had a specific role, the funny one, the best dressed, etc, but me in every friend group It was always. “And Mikey….. he’s just Mikey.” Being weird is always striving to be yourself fully and utterly how God created you. I try to stay they way and represent that way to anyone who see me, I’m always going to be Mikeylotheweirdo no matter where I go.”

Did you have any stage names beforehand?

“Growing up I’ve had a couple of stage names. Literally only 2, Lil Mike Mike and Lolo. Their both from my name, I always admired people who used their real names as stage names but I never wanted to really use my real name so I tried to go with nick names. Lil Mike Mike was given to me by my parents when we had freestyle sessions when I was a wee laddy. But Lolo came before I even decided to take music serious but it never stuck.”

What was it like growing up in Virginia Beach?

“Growing up in Virginia Beach was very experimental. There are a lot of people who are closely related and I came from Ohio so it was just me and my family against the whole Beach and we was down for it if it needed be. But the people always pushed to strive, VA is really a place of hope and dreams bottled up. It’s hard though, just like in some areas it’s worst then most I’ve been in those areas I’ve lived in those areas and grew up with the people. VA became my homeland that taught me to keep taking every step even when the world take your legs.”

Did growing up here influence your style at all?

“Yes, it was so many different styles of music in VA, it’s even hard to put most artist in a single category of music. It’s very vast here and I wanted a piece of it all. Sadly a lot has become very repetitive in the main stream of things but down low where the hunger staves the passion, there is so many unknown talents here and different sounds that has yet to even be heard. Those are the sounds that influenced my style in total.”

How was it like moving to Warren, Ohio?

“I was originally born in Warren, Ohio. It’s a lot of thugging in Warren. I love Warren but if you on the wrong side of the summer time you’ll only catch a cold case. I want to build something for the people in Warren Ohio for my family that’s still there, so we could make it a striving place of hope and not just another hood.”

What was it like writing Psalms 28 Steak?

“It was amazing, the producer “Seshnolan” really went all out on the beat. And I’m glad he even gave me a chance, I give all glory to God cause he was gonna give it to someone who had a way bigger following and fan base then me but I was able to get it. God helped me write this, it sounds funny enough but I couldn’t write this myself, nor do it alone and it was only possible because God helped me.”

Do anyone have impact on your style? If so, who?

“A couple of people, Caleb Gorden, Killuanights, Tory Lanez, T-pain, and my dad (Visual Wording). All the artist that make music keep me wanting to do better with my own and my dad pushes me to never leave who I am and stand on what I stand for.”

What are your goals before 2021 ends?

“I want to have my novel “The Rink” published by my dads publishing company “VisualWording”. I want to have everything ready for the album release in January. The album is called “A.D. B.O.A.T.S” (After decided, Based on a true story) I want merchandise ready or at least in the works. I want to start my YouTube channel about my random takes/thoughts on the things of bible. I want to make more connections and ultimately utilize what God gave me in its fullest capacity. But mainly… ALWAYS GET CLOSER TO THE MOST HIGH.”



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