How’d you get the producer name Strvdxr?

“ I got my name from a character in marvel vs capcom. He was favorite character in the game cus he was a ninja with a sword that made in my opinion the greatest vgfx ever designed.”

What was it like growing up in Lake Orion?

“Growing in lake orion was alright. I was home-schooled until high school but when I first went into high-school it was a completely different experience than obviously. High school I ruff at first but I grew and got adjusted. Thankful for all the walls god put in front of me to tear down there.”

What artist do you want to work with?

“ The artist that I really want to work with is noviless from the group clear soul forces. He was on anime bars before everyone else was. I always wanted to produce for asap rocky and someone in TDE. Since there were the knes that I listened to the most in my teenage years”

What made you want to start producing?

“What made want to start producing production from people under the stairs, j dilla, madlib and nujabes. It was super different from what everyone else was listening to at the time and it was refreshing since everyone all my friends were playing the same Gucci mane mistakes on repeat.”

What are your goals for 2020?

“My goal for this year is to keep pumping out songs for jzo and get novliess on one of my beats. Also get done with my bachelors degree so I can focus on music more.”

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